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Jhal Muri Masala

Jhal Muri Masala
Jhal Muri Masala

Elevate your snacking experience with our premium Jhal Muri Masala, carefully crafted to bring the authentic flavors of Kolkata's street food to your home. Packed with aromatic spices and zesty ingredients, this masala blend is a must-have for anyone craving the bold and tangy flavors of Jhal Muri.

Key Ingredients:

  • Roasted Cumin Seeds
  • Red Chili Powder
  • Chat Masala
  • Amchur (Dry Mango Powder)
  • Black Salt
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Dried Mint Leaves

Why Choose Our Jhal Muri Masala?

Authentic Taste: Our masala blend captures the essence of Kolkata's famous Jhal Muri, ensuring an authentic taste experience.

Handpicked Ingredients: We source the finest ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality in every batch.

Versatile Usage: Use our Jhal Muri Masala to spice up not just Jhal Muri but also other snacks like Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, or even sprinkle it on fruits for a unique twist.

Convenience: With our masala blend, preparing lip-smacking Jhal Muri at home is quick and easy.

Fast Delivery: Order now and enjoy fast and reliable delivery right to your doorstep.

Free Shipping: Benefit from free shipping on all orders, making it even more convenient to indulge in your favorite Kolkata flavors.

Transform your snacks into a burst of flavors with our Jhal Muri Masala. Order now and savor the spicy goodness of Kolkata's street food at home.

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