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Special Bengali Spices

Model: Kalo Jeere, Panch Phoron & Radhuni
Bengali Spice - Saver Pack The pack will contain - Kalo Jeere- 150 g Panch Phoron- 150 g Radhuni- 100 g **No additional Shipping cost  ..
Rs. 375.00
Model: Jhal Muri Masala
Elevate your snacking experience with our premium Jhal Muri Masala, carefully crafted to bring the authentic flavors of Kolkata's street food to your home. Packed with aromatic spices and zesty ingredients, this masala blend is a must-have for anyone craving the bold and tangy flavors of Jhal Muri.K..
Rs. 299.00
Model: Kalo Jeera
Kalo jeera is a spice which is popular in Indian cuisine. It is used to flavor meat and rice dishes, with a distinct rich, nutty, slightly grassy taste. Kalo jeera is also sometimes known as black cumin. Black cumin seeds are considered to be very healthy, especially for those who have asthma or oth..
Rs. 190.00
Model: Panch Phoron
Panch Phoron is a combination of the famous "Five Spices of Bengal". The blend of these five spices add a distinct aroma to Bengali cuisine. Panch means “five” and phoron is “flavour” or “spice”, hence the name Panch Phoron. Panch phoron is a blend of fl..
Rs. 175.00
Model: Radhuni
This another a very important spice used in Bengali cuisine. It is a very strong spice, with a characteristic smell similar to parsley and a taste similar to celery. A couple of pinches can easily overpower a curry. In Bengali cuisine the seeds are used whole, quickly fried in very hot oil until the..
Rs. 190.00
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