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Embark on a culinary voyage through the heart of Bengal with our exquisite collection of dals, available online for your convenience. From the rich flavors of Small Masoor Dal to the delicate texture of Sona Moong Dal, each variety in our assortment is a testament to Bengal's rich agricultural heritage and culinary tradition.

Authenticity Meets Quality:

At Bangla Konnection, we take pride in sourcing the finest dals directly from the farms of Bengal, bringing them to you online. Our meticulous selection process involves handpicking small batches of dals, rigorously checking for quality, and ensuring that only the best grains make it to your kitchen. From the vibrant colors to the robust flavors, every dal in our collection reflects the essence of Bengal's fertile lands.

Explore Our Diverse Range:

Discover a diverse array of dals, including the bold flavors of Matar Dal, the creamy richness of Cholar Dal, and the nutty undertones of Sona Moong Dal, all available online. Each variety offers a unique culinary experience, whether you're cooking traditional Bengali dishes or experimenting with global cuisines.

Experience Freshness and Quality:

We believe in delivering nothing but the freshest and highest-quality dals to our customers. With our stringent quality control measures and prompt online shipping, you can trust that every pack of dal you receive is packed with the goodness of Bengal's farms.

Elevate your cooking with the authentic flavors of Bengal's finest dals, conveniently available online. Explore our collection now and embark on a gastronomic journey unlike any other.

Model: Cholar Dal
Description:Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of Bengal with our premium Cholar Dal, a cherished delicacy renowned for its rich flavor and aromatic appeal. Known for its distinct taste and versatility, Cholar Dal holds a special place in Bengali cuisine, often paired with aromatic spices a..
Rs. 225.00
Model: Masoor Dal - Whole (Small)
Description:Indulge in the culinary excellence of Bengal with our premium Small Masoor Dal Whole, a sought-after delicacy cherished for its exquisite taste and vibrant color. Sourced exclusively from the fertile lands of Bengal, our masoor dal boasts a distinctive orange hue and is prized for its ri..
Rs. 225.00
Model: Matar Dal
Description:Delve into the culinary delights of Bengal with our exquisite Matar Dal, a staple cherished for its robust flavor and versatility in traditional Bengali cuisine. Known by various names like "motor dal" or "matar ki daal," this legume is a testament to Bengal's rich agricultural heritage...
Rs. 215.00
Model: Sona Moong Dal
Description:Discover the culinary treasure of Bengal with our premium Sona Moong Dal, prized for its superior quality and delicate flavor. Sourced from Bengal's farms, our Bengali Sona Moong Dal boasts a golden hue and is renowned for its creamy texture and nutritional richness.Each batch of our Son..
Rs. 275.00
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