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Special Bengali Sweets

Bangla Konnection brings to your doorstep special sweets from Kolkata. Get Bengali Sweets Online delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in India. 

Model: Baked Rossogolla (10Pcs Box) Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick
Indulge in the irresistible fusion of tradition and innovation with Balaram Mullick's Baked Rosogolla, now available online through Bangla Konnection. Our delectable Baked Rosogolla promises an authentic experience that combines the time-honored sweetness of Rosogolla with a tantalizing twist.Key Fe..
Rs. 499.00
Model: Boonde
The boonde practically needs no introduction. It is sold in various forms, colors and grades of sweetness in different parts of India including Bengal. Try out the Bengali style boonde and enjoy its mouth watering sweetness right here on Bangla Konnection.   Price includes shipping, handl..
Rs. 260.00
Chandrapully (20 Pieces)
In Stock
Model: Chandrapully - 20 Pieces
The Chandrapully gets its name from the half moon shape that it is made into. Enjoy this very popular sweet brought to you by Bangla Konnection.   Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No extra charges on this product.   Note:     1. Please sto..
Rs. 490.00
Joynagarer Moa (12 Pieces)
Out Of Stock
Model: Joynagarer Moa (12 Pieces)
This delicious sweet dish needs practically no introduction to any Bengali sweet lover. The seasonal Joynagarer Moa is a delicacy found only in the winter season. Made of date palm jaggery and puffed rice, this dish is a combination of an overtly sweet taste and a soft texture. Indulge in t..
Rs. 399.00
Model: Korapaker Sandesh (15 Pieces)
Almost everyone who has heard of Bengali sweets has heard of the legendary sandesh. Aside from the roshogolla, the sandesh is probably the most famous sweet from the land of Bengal. The korapak sandesh is one of the famous varieties of sandesh which is sold in numerous shops in Kolkata and Bangla Ko..
Rs. 510.00
Model: Mihidana
A classic, the Mihidana is one the most sought after sweets from Bengal. This sweet tastes even better when a spoonful is added to rabri or kheer. Try out this delicious sweet right here from Bangla Konnection. Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No extra charges on this product..
Rs. 240.00
Model: Narkel Naru (20 pieces)
Narkel Naru or Nadu is a very popular sweet is made from coconut and is very popular in Bengali households. It is usually consumed during pujas and other special occasions.  Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No additional charges on this product..
Rs. 250.00
Nolen (Nalen) Gur
Out Of Stock
Model: Nalen Gur - 450 ml
Experience Authentic Bengali Flavors with Nolen Gur from Bangla KonnectionImmerse yourself in the essence of Bengal with our exquisite Nolen Gur also sometimes spelt as Nalen Gur, meticulously crafted from pure date palm juice sourced directly from traditional villages. Packaged conveniently in 450 ..
Rs. 399.00
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