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Model: Chotoder Betal er Golpo
Chotoder Betal er Golpo..
Rs. 115.00
Model: Feluda- Amber Sen Antordhyan Rahasya By Satyajit Ray
Price includes MRP + Shipping (MRP 150/- + 55/- Shipping) Satyajit Ray was an Indian Bengali filmmaker, widely regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century. Ray was born in the city of Calcutta into a Bengali family prominent in..
Rs. 205.00
Gopal Bharer Golpo
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Model: Gopal Bharer Golpo
Price includes MRP + Shipping (MRP 80/- + 55/- Shipping) Gopal Bhar was a renowned courtyard entertainer in medieval Bengal. He was in the court of Raja Krishnachandra, the famous emperor of Nadia. Little anecdotes of Gopal Bhar are a source of great mirth among Bengalis. Gopal Bhar is ..
Rs. 135.00
Model: Khirer Putul
Price includes MRP + Shipping (MRP 80/- + 45/- Shipping) Khirer Putul is a children's fantasy novel written by Abanindranath Tagore in 1896. Khirer Putul is considered a masterpiece and landmark by writers in Bengali language children's literature. ..
Rs. 125.00
Model: Molla Nassiruddin er Golpo
Price includes MRP + Shipping (MRP 80/- + 25/- Shipping) Molla Nasiruddin well known for his witty remarks has a global appeal. Not known much about him, Turkey is considered to be the place of his origin as his birth anniversary is still celebrated there. MollaNasiruddin astride his do..
Rs. 105.00
Brand: Beni Madhab Model: full_ponjika
Discover the timeless essence of Bengali culture with our Panjika, a revered almanac that serves as a guide to auspicious dates, festivals, and celestial movements. Rooted in tradition, the Bengali Panjika is a sacred companion that provides invaluable insights into rituals, astrology, and cultural ..
Rs. 190.00
Model: Upendra Kishore Ray - Tuntunir Boi
Upendrakishore's greatest contribution was in the field of children's literature in Bengali. His prominent works include the fantasy "Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne" (on which Satyajit Ray based his acclaimed children's movie with the same name), children's verses in "..
Rs. 145.00
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