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Model: Bashkathi Rice
Dive into the unparalleled world of Bangla Konnection's Premium Bashkathi Rice – a grain that redefines culinary excellence. Handpicked from the fertile fields of Bengal, our Bashkathi Rice stands out as a testament to premium quality, boasting a fragrant aroma, slender grains, and unmatched cooking..
Rs. 179.00
Model: Gobindobhog Rice is your one-stop destination for the highest quality Gobindobhog rice sourced directly from the fertile fields of Bengal. Renowned for its distinct aroma, short grains, and exceptional taste, Gobindobhog rice is a culinary delight that adds a touch of authenticity to your kitche..
Rs. 189.00
Model: Miniket Rice
What is Miniket Rice?Discover Bengal's culinary treasure - Miniket Rice. Revered as Bengal Miniket, it symbolizes more than just a grain; it embodies the region's rich cultural heritage. Handpicked from fertile fields, each slender, aromatic grain narrates tales of Bengal's agricultural legacy. Parb..
Rs. 205.00
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