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Model: Aamshotto
Aamshotto is a version of the traditional Indian Aam Papad but with a Bengali touch. It is made out of mango pulp which is mixed with concentrated sugar solution and then sun dried. A best quality Aamshotto is generally a little darker in shade. This product has a signature taste which can..
Rs. 320.00
Model: Cheere (Gobindobhog)
This is a type of Flattened rice (also called beaten rice) is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes. This easily digestible form of raw rice is very popular across India and Bengal as well. This is one is a special variety, special because its made out of the famous Gobindo B..
Rs. 190.00
Model: Cheere (Gobindobhog) 10 kg Bulk
THIS PACK WILL TAKE 10-15 WORKING DAYS TO DELIVER FROM THE DATE OF ORDER.**NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGEThis is a type of Flattened rice (also called beaten rice) is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes. This easily digestible form of raw rice is very popular across ..
Rs. 1,450.00
Model: Classic Kolkata Chow (Pack of 6)
Rs. 125.00
Model: Dulal er Tal Misri
Experience the unparalleled sweetness of Dulal Tal Mishri or Dulaler Tal Mishri, a cherished delicacy from Bengal, available for online order. Handpicked and meticulously processed, each grain of Tal Mishri encapsulates the rich, natural sweetness. Whether used as a sweet treat or to enhance the fla..
Rs. 168.00
Model: Ganesh Sattu (Chatu) - Pack of 2
Sattu (called as Chatu in Bengal) is a flour consisting of a mixture of ground pulses and cereals from India. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. The process of preparing Sattu is ancient and is popular over a wide area of North India, particu..
Rs. 150.00
Model: Hartaki
Hartaki is a popular herb consumed in Bengal. It is sought after for its numerous health benefits. Bangla Konnection brings you high quality hartaki from Bengal to your doorstep.Price includes shipping, packaging and handling. No additional charges on this product..
Rs. 125.00
Model: Himsagar Mango
Indulge in the heavenly taste of Himsagar Mangoes, one of West Bengal's most prized mango varieties. Known for their unparalleled sweetness and creamy texture, these mangoes are a seasonal delight that mango enthusiasts eagerly await each year. Our Himsagar Mangoes are handpicked at their peak ripen..
Rs. 749.00
Model: Jaina Silpa Mandir - Ajowan Lemon Pachak
Price includes Mrp Rs.180/- + Shipping Rs.100/-Bangla Konnection brings to you the famous condiments from Jaina Shilpa Mandir. Ajwain Lemon Pachak is only one amongst their huge range of product line. This is a pack of small Ajwain grains with a subtle flavour of lemon is just perfect to make any Be..
Rs. 280.00
Nolen (Nalen) Gur
Out Of Stock
Model: Nalen Gur - 450 ml
Experience Authentic Bengali Flavors with Nolen Gur from Bangla KonnectionImmerse yourself in the essence of Bengal with our exquisite Nolen Gur also sometimes spelt as Nalen Gur, meticulously crafted from pure date palm juice sourced directly from traditional villages. Packaged conveniently in 450 ..
Rs. 399.00
Patali Gur (Khejurer Gur)
Out Of Stock
Model: Patali Gur
Quality trusted since 7 years. Made of khejur or date palm jaggery found only in the winter months, the patali gur is one of the most sought after products in the winter season to ever come out of Bengal. It can be had on its own or added to other dishes to enhance the sweetness and to add its ow..
Rs. 379.00
Model: Posto Dana
We supply you the best quality, fine grain Posto Dana (poppy seeds or khus khus). Taste it to find the difference. One should store them in tightly sealed containers in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight..
Rs. 1,160.00
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