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Almost 4 decades ago, Mr. Banchharam Ghosh, the man behind the brand, set up a small shop in the heart of Central Kolkata, West Bengal. He started initially, with a small menu and the most notable point which made this shop stand out from the rest at that time . So, began the journey of Banchharam
Model: Jal Bhara Sandesh Banchharam (10 pieces)
10 pieces of Delicious Jal Bhara.....a Bengali Delicacy that is bound to tantalize your taste buds.....and you will be bound to say..."Ye Dil Maange more..."Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No extra charges on this product. Total Note:    1. Please ..
Rs. 465.00
Model: Chandrapully Banchharam (10 Pieces)
The Chandrapully gets its name from the half moon shape that it is made into. Enjoy this very popular sweet brought to you by Bangla Konnection.   Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No extra charges on this product.   Note:     1. Please sto..
Rs. 265.00
Model: Banchharam Gulab Jamun (20 pcs)
If you conduct a survey among Indians and ask about their favourite Indian sweet dish, then the dessert that will top the list will certainly be the most popular and loved ‘GULAB JAMUN’. This traditional dessert is the centre of attraction in every festival and occasion in India. This delicious dess..
Rs. 345.00
Model: Goja - Banchharam (10 pcs)
Bengali Misti goja is a popular sweet from Bengal. Goja is made of flour & ghee, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. It is a popular sweets prepared during festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan and many more other Indian festivalsPrice includes shipping, handling and packaging. No e..
Rs. 265.00
Model: Rosogolla Banchharam - Tin (20 pcs)
From the bylanes of Kolkata and the temples of Puri to the power corridors of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Rasgulla remains one of India’s best-loved culinary inventions........And the world cannot seem to have enough of the sweet. If there has been one sweet dish that has been a true ‘game changer’ of ..
Rs. 416.00
Brand: Ganguram and Grandsons Model: Taalsansh - Banchharam (10 Pcs)
Taal shaansh (ice apple) sandesh, this is the sweet makers’ version of the palm fruit.  Shaped like the palm fruit aka ice apple, the exterior of the sandesh is white, hard and rotund shaped like the fruit, but its core is filled with rose flavoured syrup or ‘Nolen gur’ (date palm jiggery ..
Rs. 415.00
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