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Doiwala Sweets

Model: Gujia Doiwala
This sweet needs no introduction. It is arguably the most popular sweet found in Bengal. The gujia comes in small sizes and pack a strong sweet punch. The delicious sweets can be bought in a large quantity and can be relished even like a snack. These are some of the best gujias in Kolkata and Bangla..
Rs. 245.00
Model: Mihidana - Doiwala
A classic, the Mihidana is one the most sought after sweets from Bengal. This sweet tastes even better when a spoonful is added to rabri or kheer. Try out this delicious sweet right here from Bangla Konnection. Price includes shipping, handling and packaging. No extra charges on this product..
Rs. 228.00
Model: Nabadwip er Lal Doi - Doiwala
Nabadwip-er lal doi (Red curd of Nabadwip), also known as Kheer doi or Chakku doi, is one of the most famous types of confectionery in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, originating in present-day West Bengal, India. Though curd is usually white, red curd is a distinct type of confectione..
Rs. 549.00
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