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Tuk Tak Ektu Curry

Tuk Tak Ektu Curry
Tuk Tak Ektu Curry

Bangla Konnection is thrilled to bring you Tuk Tak, chanachur from Kolkata online. Enjoy the crispy texture imparted by mota jhuri bhaja, papri, and badam, which provides a distinct crunch in every bite. The aromatic curry leaves enhance the taste experience by adding a hint of South Indian flavors. Each bite transports you to Kolkata's busy streets, delivering you an authentic blend of spices and fragrances. Allow Tuk Tak to take you to the colorful streets of Kolkata. Order our chanachur now and experience the authentic flavors of Kolkata’s chanachurs, which are easily available online on Bangla Konnection.

Key Ingredients
Badam, Papri, Mota Jhuri, Curry Patta
Tasting Notes
Curry Leaf Hints

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