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Tuk Tak Daal ar Curry

Tuk Tak Daal ar Curry
Tuk Tak Daal ar Curry

Bangla Konnection is excited to offer you our variant of a cherished chanachur from Kolkata, online. This variant brings a special touch yet stays true to the unique culture and culinary tradition of Kolkata’s chanachurs. The addition of dal moth, gives it a lovely crispiness, and the aromatic tinge of curry leaves adds a subtly South Indian flavor. Each mouthful delivers a realistic flavor sensation while bringing back memories of Kolkata's bustling streets. Immerse yourself with the classic pleasures of dal moth and the aromatic touch of curry leaves, which have been painstakingly paired to produce the ideal harmony of flavors. Order online and allow Bangla Konnection to deliver to your home the true flavor of Kolkata's chanachur tradition.

Key Ingredients
Dal Moth, Badam, Sev Bhaja, Curry Leaves, Chal Bhaja
Tasting Notes
Delectable With Curry Leaf Undertones

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