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Sunrise Shukto Masala - Pack of 20

Sunrise Shukto Masala - Pack of 20
Sunrise Shukto Masala - Pack of 20
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Shukto is a very Typical Bengali receipe and forms the most important part of the lunch menu.The Bengali style mixed vegetable or Shukto is a plethora of vegetables, cooked in the most unique spices with creamy milky gravy with the slightest hint of sweetness and a core taste of bitterness, soothing rustic curry which clears your palate perfectly before you dig into the countless courses which comprise a typical Bengali meal...even describing the dish is such a pleasure. A Bengali cook is known to be complete by his/her skill to prepare Shukto properly! Such is the importance of this dish. Sunrise Shukto mix makes cooking this receipe that much easier. It so enhances the taste that one can have their plate of rice only with it only. The Masala is not very easily available in the market. Bangla Konnection is proud to bring Shukto Masala  at your doorstep, by just a click of a button                                                                           

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