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Sunrise Amchur Powder - Pack of 3

Sunrise Amchur Powder - Pack of 3
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Sunrise Amchur Powder - Pack of 3
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Amchoor or aamchur, also referred to as mango powder, is a fruity spice powder made from dried unripe green mangoes and is used as a citrusy seasoning. Sunrise Amchur powder is used to add a sour tangy fruity flavor without moisture. It is used to flavor samosa and pakora fillings, stews and soups, fruit salads and pastries, curries, chutneys, pickles and daals and to tenderize meats, poultry, and fish. It is added to marinades for meat and poultry as an enzymatic tenderizer, and lends its sourness to chutneys and pickles. It is used in stir fried vegetable dishes, soups, curries, and to tenderize meat and poultry. (

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  • Weight: 150.00g
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