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Nabadwip-er lal Doi - Doiwala

Nabadwip-er lal Doi - Doiwala
Nabadwip-er lal Doi - Doiwala

Nabadwip-er lal doi (Red curd of Nabadwip), also known as Kheer doi or Chakku doi, is one of the most famous types of confectionery in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, originating in present-day West Bengal, India. Though curd is usually white, red curd is a distinct type of confectionery. Red curd of the Nadia's Nabadwip type is very popular

Bangla Konnection is proud to partner with our friends at Doiwala to bring you the best Nabadwip-er lal doi right to your doorstep. Packed in a lovely collectable bhar or clay pot, this Nabadwip-er lal doi is prepared fresh and shipped to you on the same day as the preparation.

This curd or yogurt is prepared in two steps. In the first step the milk is boiled; this step is known as foot. In the second step, the milk is fermented to make curd. To prepare the yogurt, pure milk of cow or buffalo is required. There is also a huge contribution of fuel to prepare the red curd. Two types of fuel is needed for preparing the curd.It takes two to six hours to take the first 'foot' of the boiling and it is made by burning wood. The 'foot' will continue until the red color is taken. Nearly three liters of milk is turned into one liter. The next stage of this step is burning in coal. In the case of white yogurt, milk is thickened, at that time, it is needed more time to prepare red curd, i.e. the milk density is thickest for red curd. When the milk is prepared, it is poured in the pots according to the size of the condensed milk, then it is placed around the coal fuel. Then the curd is covered with socks. This step is called yogurt making. And it forms the yogurt. Various types of pot size is supplied according to market demand. The curd contains from 100 grams of clay pots (glass) to five kilograms of yogurt pots. It is the best skill of the makers of Nabadwip that they make this red curd without any outer color

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