The 90s summer vacations were a time of pure magic, where the world seemed to slow down, and the days stretched out before us, brimming with possibilities. It was a time when friendships were forged, imaginations ran wild, and every moment was etched into our hearts as a cherished memory. Those were times filled with endless fun, nostalgic moments and memories that still bring a smile to our faces. So let's embark on a nostalgic journey, through the words in this article, to the vibrant and unforgettable summers of the 90s.

Tasty Delights: Grandma's Cooking Magic

In the 90s, grandmothers wielded their culinary magic, creating delectable treats that filled our hearts and stomachs with joy. From the mouthwatering pithas to the creamy doi and the irresistible shorshe ilish, their cooking was a testament to love and tradition. We relished crispy snacks like muri makha, nimki and achaar and cooled off with refreshing glasses of aam er shorbod (aam panna) on scorching summer afternoons. Those flavors, prepared with care and passed down through generations, became an integral part of our cherished summer memories.

Imaginative Play: Creating Magical Worlds

In the realm of our imagination, we became heroes, adventurers, and storytellers. Using bedsheets, dolls, and action figures, we built forts, engaged in epic battles, and embarked on exciting quests. We reenacted scenes from our favorite movies, put on impromptu plays for our families, and brought our toys to life through imaginative storytelling. Be it Lal Komol and Neel Komol or other characters from Thakumar Jhuli, iconic characters from Satyajit Ray’s stories or enactment of Rabindranath Tagore’s plays, our creativity knew no bounds as we explored enchanted realms, fueled by the limitless possibilities of our imaginations. Those moments of imaginative play nurtured our creativity, fostered problem-solving skills, and provided an escape into a world of wonder.

Kolkata's Street Food Delights: Tempting Treats for Kids

Kolkata's streets were a culinary paradise, especially during the summer, when delectable street food treats awaited us at every corner. From the iconic puchka (pani puri) to the crispy kathi rolls filled with flavorful kebabs, the options were endless. The air was fragrant with the aroma of freshly mixed  jhalmuri (spicy puffed rice) and the typical aroma of Kolkata’s biriyani. We relished the creamy and chilled goodness of kulfis and faloodas, providing the perfect respite from the scorching heat. These street food adventures were not only about the flavors but also about the experience of standing in crowded lanes, eagerly awaiting our turn to savor these delightful treats.

Mango Mania in Kolkata: A Slice of Sweet Summer

No discussion of Kolkata summers is complete without mentioning the glorious mango season. The city rejoiced as the fragrant aroma of ripe mangoes filled the air. From the luscious Himsagar and Langra to the succulent Alphonso and Dasheri, these golden gems of the fruit kingdom delighted our taste buds. We eagerly awaited the arrival of mango stalls on street corners, where we savored juicy slices or indulged in mango shakes and aam doi (mango-flavored yogurt). The city's love affair with mangoes was a seasonal celebration, bringing families together to relish the sweet and tangy flavors that epitomized the essence of summer in Kolkata.

Playing with Kids in the Locality: Building Friendships and Bonds

The 90s were a time of close-knit communities, and our neighborhoods buzzed with the laughter and camaraderie of children playing together. The streets of our neighborhood were our playgrounds, where we played cricket, football, kanamachi, and chor-police, filling the air with laughter and excitement. On special days, we ventured out to gorer maath to play, climbing trees, watching birds and chasing colorful butterflies. We formed friendships that were real and many of which we still have kept intact. Those playtimes in the locality were more than just fun; they taught us the value of friendship, teamwork, and the importance of shared experiences.

Summers in Kolkata: Embracing the City's Spirit

Kolkata, the cultural hub of West Bengal, had a distinct charm even during the scorching summer months. We eagerly anticipated the annual summer fairs, or "mela," where we enjoyed thrilling rides, indulged in street food delights, and won prizes playing games of skill and luck. The evenings were filled with the enchanting sound of Rabindra Sangeet (songs by Rabindranath Tagore) as cultural programs and performances lit up the city. We would sit out on the terrace trying to escape the heat and having jhal muri while the elders would indulge in bikeler cha and adda (evening tea and chit chat).  Kolkata's summers were a blend of tradition, festivity, and joyful togetherness, making them a truly unforgettable part of our 90s summer vacations.

The 90s summer vacations hold a special place in our hearts, where moments of fun, delicious food, exciting adventures, and Kolkata's unique charm came together to create unforgettable memories. Whether it was savoring the flavors of grandma's kitchen, exploring the wonders of nature, immersing ourselves in imaginative play, embracing the spirit of Kolkata, or playing with friends in the neighborhood, those days shaped our childhood and enriched our lives. Let's cherish the nostalgia and carry the essence of those summers into our present and future, spreading joy and creating new memories along the way.