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Tin Tin

The entire collection of the classic Tin Tin books all in Bangla just for you!

Model: Tin Tin in America
Tintin confirms his reputation as a righter of wrongs. He faces Al Capone and his gang as well as all sorts of other villains. Hergé shows his generous vision of the world as he offers a very well documented depiction of the sad plight of the Native Americans. Tintin's fame extends beyond..
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Model: Biplobider Dongol-a Tintin
The twenty-third episode in the series, Tintin and the Picaros (1976) is a Latin-American tale of a coup d'état, complete with hostage-taking and guerrilla warfare. Tintin returns to the country of San Theodoros, which he first visited in The Broken Ear (1937). Herg&ea..
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Model: Tin Tin Bombete Jahaj
While looking through an old sea-chest found in his attic, Captain Haddock chances upon the diaries of his ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock. This legendary sea dog achieved fame through his renowned run-in with the fearsome pirate Red Rackham. So are the words of Sir Francis Haddock just another chroni..
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Model: Calculus er Kando
This new adventure takes Tintin back to Syldavia and Borduria. After inventing an ultrasound machine, Professor Calculus is kidnapped. Jolyon Wagg, an insurance sales rep, makes his entrance in this story, and will prove to be a constant nuisance. A thrilling chase, surprises, old friends getting ba..
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Model: Congo a Tintin
His popularity well established, this is to Africa that Tintin now sets off. The Adventures of Tintin, reporter at Le Petit Vingtième, in the Congo(1931) is a naïve depiction of the colonial times and paternalistic views as they existed in Belgium in the early 1930's,. For this ..
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Model: Kaan Bhanga Murti
Tintin sets off to South America to retrieve a stolen fetish. There, all sorts of interests are in conflict: military, economic and the war of the Gran Chaco which had been opposing Bolivia and Paraguay for the past three years. A small Arumbaya statue has been stolen in a museum, then returned.&nbs..
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Model: Krishna Dweeper Rahashya
On his return from South America, Tintin embarks on an exciting British adventure, full of unexpected surprises. Tintin clashes with the villainous Dr. Müller for the first, but not the last time. Müller is the mastermind behind a vast European counterfeiting operation. After numerous inci..
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Model: Lal Bombeter Guptodhon
Tintin and the Thom(p)sons accompany Captain Haddock on a journey in the footsteps of the Captain's illustrious ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock. The parchments discovered in the previous adventure are in fact a treasure map pointing the way to the hidden gold and jewels of a notorious pirate, Red ..
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Model: Lohit Sagarer Hangor
Captain Haddock simply cannot believe it, but human trafficking really is still going on, even in the twentieth century (and today in the twenty-first century). The Red Sea Sharks lifts the veil on the scandal of the modern day slave trade. Hergstayed abreast of current affairs, and as was..
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Model: Mummy r Abhishap
Seven scientists mysteriously fall into a profound state of lethargy. As Calculus has disappeared,Tintin and Captain Haddock set off in search of the Professor. Created in 1929 by Georges Rémi - who was already signing his drawings under the pseudonym of Hergé - Tintin will be subjecte..
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Model: Otokarer Rajdondo
Created in 1939, this book is most impressive and has its sights on Germany. Tintin finds a brief-case on a park bench and this leads him to Prague, then to Syldavia. He will save the Kingdom from being overthrown by a fascist "coup d'état"....
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Model: Panna Kothay
Captain Haddock's mansion, Marlinspike Hall, can be considered a theatre; the characters in the story are the actors in a play. Various outsiders, including a doctor and some gypsies, mingle with the residents. An opera singer invites herself to stay, with her entourage in tow. A builder is fore..
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