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Hindusthan Sweets - Padma Nimki (8 pcs)
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Model: Hindusthan Sweets - Padma Nimki ( 8 pcs)
The word  “Padma” in the name means Lotus as the shape of this savory resembles a lotus flower. It looks pretty and tastes delicious can be consumed as a tea time snacks. Bangla Konnection Brings to you the Padma Nimki from Hindusthan sweets delivered to your doorstep..
Rs. 360.00
Model: Jhuri Aloo Bhaja
A Product which can be eaten at any point of time and with any combination of foods. Be it with hot rice and daal for a lazy afternoon lunch, with Kichudi or during tea time snacks, during your rail jatra or to fullfil your mid night hunger, the Jhuri Aloo Bhaja is a universal favorite.   ..
Rs. 210.00
Model: Jhuri Sev Bhaja
Jhuri Sev Bhaja is arguably one of the most popular snacks that is consumed in any Bengali household. Its crispy texture combined with its hint of salty taste makes it a perfect snack for evenings. It can also be added to other snacks and chaats to add that crispy punch. Price includes shipping, ..
Rs. 210.00
Model: Muri (Regular)
Walk the streets of Kolkata in the evening and you will see people munching on Muri (puffed rice) in every corner and there are only a handful of people in India who have not heard of mouth watering and iconic 'Jhaal Muri' which is puffed rice mixed with spices and mustard oil. This variety ..
Rs. 125.00
Ujjala's Chanachoor
2-3 Days
Model: Ujjala's Chanachoor
From the famous lanes of Kolkata, Bangla Konnection brings you Ujjala's Chanachur, another iconic brand of chanachur. Of the many famous brands of chanachur and snacks found in Kolkata, Ujjala's probably enjoys one of the highest fan following. Order it from Bangla Konnection and enjoy your ..
Rs. 299.00
Ujjala's Papri
2-3 Days
Model: Ujjala's Papri
The iconic house of Ujjala's, famous for making chanachoor also makes this delicious papri and we at Bangla Konnection are proud to bring it to your doorsteps. Of the many famous brands of snacks found in Kolkata, Ujjala's probably enjoys one of the highest fan following. Order it from Bangl..
Rs. 295.00
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