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Bullet Lonka or Bullet Chilli

Bullet Lonka or Bullet Chilli
Bullet Lonka or Bullet Chilli
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Embrace the vibrant heat of Bengal with our Premium Bullet Chillies, known locally as 'Bengali Bullet Lonka'. Harvested from the lush, fertile valleys of Bengal, these bright green chillies are a fundamental element in traditional Bengali cuisine, famed for their sharp heat and dynamic flavor. Ideal for those who appreciate a serious spice kick, our Bullet Chillies offer a potent zing that can elevate any dish from ordinary to exceptional.

Key Benefits:

Vivid Heat: Delivers intense Scoville heat, perfect for those who love their food fiery.

Bold Flavor: Enhances recipes not just with spiciness but with a depth of flavor that invigorates any meal.

Freshly Packed: Carefully selected for quality and freshness, ensuring only the best in your kitchen.

Culinary Uses:

These chillies are indispensable for making authentic Bengali green chili pickles, adding a spicy depth to curries, or crafting zesty green chili oils. Chopped or crushed, they bring an exhilarating kick to street food and homemade snacks.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their intense flavor and bright green color.

Why Choose Bangla Konnection?

Sourced Directly from Bengal: Our Bullet Chillies are authentically sourced, providing unparalleled quality.

Fast Delivery: Efficient shipping processes ensure your chillies arrive fresh and promptly.

Premium Packaging: Packaged with meticulous care to preserve their spicy potency and freshness.

Dedicated Customer Service: Our team is always ready to help, ensuring a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.

Ignite Your Culinary Passion: Ready to add some serious heat to your dishes? Order now to purchase your pack and discover the explosive flavor of real Bengali chillies.

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