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Privacy Policy (Mobile)

Privacy Policy

The information about you (collectively referred to as "Personal Information") are categorized as follows:

· Personal & Non-personal identification information: Information that you provide when you register for a Service, which may include some or all of the following- Information about your personal identity such as gender, age, marital status, preferences, likes and dislikes and such others. Your financial information including your banking details, any data relating to your income and levels of standard of living, your contact details such as your physical addresses, postal addresses, telephone, mobile and fax numbers and similar. In incidence of Facebook aligned services (if you opt so), publicly available information of your friends, their likes and dislikes, comments and such others.

· Payment and Account Information: Your account history including (devoid of limitation) all billing information, communication details, payment history etc. We preserveand maintain these in encrypted form on secure servers.

· Service Usage: The information pertaining to your navigation using or via our Services, for example, the URLs of websitesthat you visit and from which you request downloads.

· Log information: Information including your web request, IP address, browser language, browser type, date and time of request and similar others.

· Transactional Information:All transactional account (other than banking details) about your e-commerce activities.

· Correspondence Information:Thecontent, information about your correspondents, and the origin/destination of communications amid you and any other person using our Services that include email communications, blogs, instant message communications, experts forum communications, chat room and discussion board communications,fax mail communications, membership of mailing lists etc.

· User IDs: Your email addresses, usernames, passwords and other security-linked information used by you pertaining to our Services.

· Stored Information:Records either produced by you or by any third party that you desire to store on our servers likeany image files, documents etc. We collect your Personal Information only to conduct our business process that assists us to deliver your aspired products andalso to improve our Services. We do not under any circumstances whatsoever sell your Personal Information to any third party or otherwise trade on it.We will only disclose your Personal Information in agreement with this Privacy Policy. We will obtain your prior written consent,in case we want to use it for any other purpose. If you decline to submit your correct personal information to us, then, in such case, we will regrettablyunable to process the Services to you. Any of your information that you provide when you use our certain Services and are to an open, public environment or forum including (without limitation) community or discussion board,any blog, is not confidential or private, does not set up Personal Information, and thus is not liable for protection under this Privacy Policy. It is possible that third parties may amass,assemble and utilise such information for their own purposes, since such public environments are open to all. You should hence be cautious while deciding to share any of your Personal Information in such public environments. Information that is disclosed publicly is shared with our affiliates, sponsors of competitions, third party service providers, etc. unless expressly stated otherwise. Under no circumstances, we can be held responsibleby you or any third party for any damages or coveragethat you or any third party may undergo howsoever rising from your release of Personal Information in any public environment. You reveal information in a public environment solely at your own risk.


Right to Collect and use of collected information

Subject to the limitations set out in this Privacy Policy, you agree by accepting the Terms of Service that we may collect, store and use your Personal Information as long as you use our Services.

We collect and save your Profiling and Account Information for the reasons as stated below:

· We need your unique identity details, contact particulars, banking details and account history to accomplish our relationship with you and deliver Services to you. We use this information for suggesting and proposing products, promotional offers and schemes as while registering/signing up for an account with us, you are automatically subscribed to our circulars. However, you can choose to unsubscribe from receiving this circular at any time. We will only disclose this information as stated below.

· We use certain informationof yours in acombined form to form statistical record and demographical profiles for our business and marketing undertakings. We may disclose and release suchaggregated information about you that is not capable of being used or interpreted to identify you.

We collect and save your Service Usage and Transactional Information to:

· Determine, regulate and verify the Service Charges payable by you and to manage our relationship with you.

· Comply with any statutory or regulatory obligation.

· Form statistical record and demographical profiles about you for our business purpose and marketing undertakings and to deliver our Services to you. However, we are entitled without limitations to use such information about you for our own internal business purposes and processes, we will only disclose it in acombined form that cannot be used or interpreted to identify you.

· Monitor your usage of our Services ensuring compliance with our Terms of Service.

We collect and save your Correspondence Information and Personal Identifiers to:

· Meet the terms with our legal obligations

· Monitor your use of our Services in order to confirm your compliance with our Terms of Service. Any Personal Information that we collect and that we may use in an aggregated layout ensuring you are not individually identifiable is our property. At our sole discretion,we may use itwithout being liable for any compensation to you, for any legitimate purpose comprising (without limitation) the commercial sale thereof to third parties.At any time you may update your Profiling Information on the website. In doing so you acknowledge and agree that under controlled and secure circumstances, we may, in the interests of refining personalisation and service efficiency, share your Personal Information with our affiliates (entities which are our subsidiary or holding companies or subsidiaries of our holding companies or entities which control, are controlled by or are under common control with us).

Web browser cookies

At times we use “cookies”to provide you with more customised information when you return to our website. “Cookies” are tiny text files that our Website places on your computer are hard drive to store information and facts about your shopping session and to detect your computer. “Cookies” do not contain any personal or private information and cannot harm your computer. “Cookies” are used to track user trends and to store user preferences to improve your interactive experience and commonly improve our Services to you. When you are sent a “cookie”you can always set your browser to notify you, so that, giving you a chance to decide whether or not to accept it. If you do accept a “cookie”, you thereby approveus to use of any Personal Information collected by us using that “Cookie”.


We take judicious precautions and follow industry standard best practices to protect your personal informationand ensure it is not inappropriately accessed or lost, misused, disclosed, altered or destroyed. The credit card information, if you provide us with,is encrypted with secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored by means of an AES-256 encryption. Although no programme or system of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage process is absolutely 100% secure.We do not store any of your credit card information once. This information is securely handled and collected by our approved and authorised payment gateways. With the industry's most-advanced encryption, policies for fraud prevention and protection, our payment gateways are devoted to keep your account safe and secure. After your information reaches our payment gateways it resides on a server that is highlyprotected both physically and electronically.

Age of Consent

By using this site, you agree that you are minimum the age of majority in your province or state of domicile, or that you are the age of majority in your province or state of domicile and you have given us your consent, in the right state of mind, to allow any of your minor dependents to use this site.


In case we are required to interrupt, monitor, disclose and/or store your Personal Information- (a) by legal regulations; (b) to conduct our business; (c) to protect and secure our systems; or (d) to implement our own rights, we will do so as recommended by law.

Such interruption, monitoring, disclosure and storage may happen without your awareness. In that case, we will not be accountable to you or any third party for any damages whatsoever arising from such interruption, monitoring, disclosure and storage. To ensure that all our Users conformtoour Terms of Service, we may monitor your Personal Information to the degree that this may be required to regulate compliance and/or to recognise instances of non-compliance. To ensure that the safety and integrity of our Services are secured, we may monitor your Personal Information. This monitoring may include (without limitation) the sifting of incoming and outgoing electronic data posts to identify, limit and/or prevent the transmission of spam, viruses and/or illicit, offensive, obscene or otherwise disagreeable material or content. We may under certain circumstances acquire an element of the Services from a third party service provider, to the extent that it may be essential, and solely for the purposes of rendering the Service to you, you agree that we may reveal to such third party any of your Personal Information that may be essential for the procurement of services from the third party.

This privacy policy vividly states the norms through which SRP Enterprises sites/services amasses, uses, preserves and discloses information assembled from customers or clients of the website. This policy is applicable not only to the Site but also to all products and services offered by SRP Enterprises sites/services.We honour your privacy and are committed to preserve it. Such information is not shared, sold, traded or rented to external parties, barring some special circumstances and legal obligations. We do everything; we reasonably can, to guard your privacy rights on systems and the Website controlled by us.However, we are not accountableor can legally be held responsible for any unauthorised or illegitimate disclosures of your personal and confidential information made by any third parties who are not under our control, for instance, advertisers, marketers and other websites that have links to our Website. It should be noted that the information and privacy practices of our business partners, sponsors,advertisers or other sites to which provide hyperlinks, may be different from that of ours. We can change our privacy policy at any time at our sole discretion without any notice. Please review this policy periodicallyto make sure you are aware of any such changes.