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When one thinks of Bengali culture, the first things that come to mind are fine arts, music, literature, tradition and of course food. The state of Bengal arguably boasts of one of the richest cultures in the country and it is both unique and diverse. From the hustle and bustle of Kolkata to the tranquility of the hills of Darjeeling, from the pristine beaches of Digha and Mandarmani to the mangroves of Sundarbans, all contribute towards making the culture of Bengal a unique and rich one.

We are a group of people who are “probashi bangalis” or Bengalis living outside of the state of Bengal and although we have lived away from Bengal for quite a few years, we have never ceased to miss its culture. Whenever we have got a chance to travel back to Kolkata, we have always taken it, even if it meant staying there for only a few days. Just being in the city of joy, surrounded by its unique charm would bring a sense of bliss in our hearts. Being away from Kolkata, we have even spent a significant amount of time looking for places where we could buy products from Bengal but succeeded to find only small shops that would sell just a few products and that too not being available all the time. We would therefore bring back with us packets of products from Kolkata every time we travelled there which was also a tough exercise and limited by capacity. Over the years we realized that we were not alone and that there were many people like us who missed their homes back in Bengal but had to stay away because of constraints. They too, like us, longed for products from Bengal but had to adjust to supply from small shops or with whatever products they could bring back when they travelled back from Kolkata.

Thus, based on our experiences, we came up with Bangla Konnection, a one stop shop for all products unique to Bengal. At Bangla Konnection, we strive to have a vast collection of products spanning across various categories, like foods, handicrafts, clothes and other specialty products available for purchase over the Internet through an easy to use website ( We source our products directly from manufacturers and large distributers in order to ensure that the quality is always premium.  We periodically revise our product list and have a dedicated team to research about new products that can be added to our store. For far too long, these unique products that make up a significant part of Bengali culture have remained confined within the boundaries of the state but we at Bangla Konnection are thrilled to make them accessible to anyone at any part of the country at the flick of a button.