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Model: Cholar Dal
The moment we hear Cholar Dal we remember lucchi served with Cholar dal garnished with soft crunchy diced narkel (coconut). A perfect weekend breakfast for family. Bangla Konnection brings you finest quality Cholar Dal at your door step. **Shipping Additional..
Rs. 280.00
Model: Masoor Dal - Whole (Small)
Masoor dal, salmon pick colour daal, is an important and regular part of the diet in many parts of the the Indian subcontinent including Bengal. Its taste is so rich and nutrient so high that its almost an irreplacebele part of one's dietary menu. Its also known for its quick cooking ability. Se..
Rs. 290.00
Model: Matar Dal
Matar dal or Yellow Split Peas is mildly earthy in flavour and a hearty mouthful in texture. Bangla Konnection provides the finest quality motor daal from the best suppliers in Bengal. When cooked with vegetables like sweet red radish, yellow pumpkin and baby potatoes motor daal takes on a whole new..
Rs. 260.00
Model: Sona Moong Dal
An evergreen favourite in any Bengali meal is definitely Sona Moong dal cooked in Ghee. This aromatic daal tastes absoluely delicious when had with steaming hot rice. One can also make the famous moong dal khichdi with it. Have it with a dash of pure ghee and Jhuri alu bhaja/assorted papads. This co..
Rs. 360.00
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