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Ghee Jharna - 500g

Ghee Jharna - 500g
Ghee Jharna - 500g

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No Bengali kitchen is complete without a bottle of Jharna Ghee. Jharna is a popular brand of gawa ghee ( cow milk based ghee) that adorns a Bengali kitchen. A dollop of Jharna ghee, food of the gods, in your 'daal-bhaat' (rice and daal) will take you back to the fields of Bengal (for no matter where they may currently reside, every Bengali is umbilically connected to Bengal). Bangla Konnection is proud to bring you this product at your door step. A summer favourite is boiled potato, potol (parwal), pumpkin -mashed with finely chopped green chillies added- with a dash of salt and ghee drizzled on it, had with hot piping rice. Another way of relishing Jharna Ghee is to enjoy it with Gobindobhog Rice (available at Bangla Konnection) , mashed potatoes and egg boiled. Also, no Sona Moong daal (available at Bangla Konnection) would be complete without a drizzle of Jharna Ghee. Such is the magic and charm of Jharna Ghee.

Net Unit Weight 500 g

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