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Bori - Matar Dal

Bori - Matar Dal
Bori - Matar Dal

Bori or Bengali Sun dried Dumplings is an essential part of Bengali cuisine. During yesteryears, we use to see our grandmothers using their skills to make perfectly tear drop shaped Boris. Since in today's fast paced world it is not possible for most of us to make them at our homes, Bangla Konnection brings you selected choice of Boris to bring back your nostalgia and tantalise your taste buds.

Few of the famous dishes made from Matar Daal Bori are -


  1. Borir jhaal Sorshe Bata Diye (Motor Daaler Bori)
  2. Bori Posto( Motor daaler Bori)
  3. Bori Diye Paanch Meshali Torkari (Motor or Kolai daaler Bori)
  4. Bori Diye Sukto ( Kolai Daaler Bori)


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